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Who We Are

The PGR Studio was founded by Oliver Carter, Jacqueline Taylor and Sian Vaughan in early 2015 when the Birmingham Institute of Art & Design and the Faculty of Performing Arts, Media and English merged to become the larger Faculty of Arts, Design & Media.

Since then we have employed a number of PhD and postdoctoral researchers to work with us each year to work collaboratively with us in informing, developing and organising The PGR Studio activities. The team is now led by Jacqueline, and Oli and Sian continue to liaise with The PGR Studio in their roles as Research Degree Coordinators.

Our Team

Dr Jacqueline Taylor

PGR Studio Coordinator (maternity leave)

Dr Sian Hindle

PGR Studio Coordinator

Previous partners

Sebastian Svegaard

Dr Bobbie-Jane Gardner

Dr Susannah Self

Dr Gregory Dunn

Andrea Jaeger, The PGR Studio

Andrea Jaeger

Rachel-Ann Charles, The PGR STudio

Rachel-Ann Charles

Dr Corey Mwamba

Sarah Raine, The PGR Studio

Dr Sarah Raine

Dr Federica Mirra

Dr Paul Norman

Emily Bettison

Ezinne Igwe, The PGR Studio

Ezinne Igwe

Dr Charlie Sarson

Dr Chris Hill

Dr Julia Szivak

Hassan Hussain

Kene Ochonogor, The PGR Studio

Kene Ochonogor

Alberto Condotta, The PGR Studio

Alberto Condotta

Faculty of Arts, Design & Media Birmingham City University, The Parkside Building, 5 Cardigan Street, Birmingham, B4 7BD

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