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Making Futures Conference 2017 by John Grayson

The Mayflowers Steps, Plymouth, 8am - It’s raining. The ocean vista, sky and sea, appear a seamless painted wash of grey - no horizon. By the quay, people mustered together, pointlessly seeking protection from the inclement weather. The group, made up of potters,...

My mentoring journey by Chris Hill

Meeting my mentee for the first time was a bit like going on a blind date. I had no idea who I was going to meet or the nature of their interests. I was nervous in anticipation. In late autumn last year, a group of mentors and mentees all gathered in the bottom floor...

Are you ‘up’ for it?

An anonymous blog post by a current PhD student ... Start a blog, they said at the beginning, you need to write every day. Not a problem. Writing, it seems, has become my life, from partial ideas jotted down in numerous hardback notebooks to the never-ending task of...

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