Completed PGRs

Details of our completed Postgraduate Researchers and their research


Student NameDisciplineThesis Title
Harriet CarterArt & DesignBeyond Transposition? Exploring Metaphysicality in Birdsong and Olivier Messiaen's Catalogue D'oiseaux Through Painting Practice
Jill RobinsonMediaDigital Inequalities: A Critical Study of the Uses of Big Data and Data Visualisation in Addressing Young People's Opportunities for Contributing to Cultural and Social Life
Martha Elena Nunez LopezArt & DesignSupporting the Sustainable Development of Mexico: An Investigation into the Reorientation of an Undergraduate Industrial Design Curriculum
Luan ShawConservatoireFacilitating the Transition from Student to Professional through Instrumental Teacher Education: A Case Study with Main Reference to the Royal Birmingham
Jeffrey LeakArt & DesignBetween Text and Place: Positioning The Designer in the Liminal
Tadas StalygaConservatoireOut of Place: Interdisciplinary Encounters in Contemporary Art
Alexander HinksmanMediaCreative Mastering: A New Culture of Audio Post-Production
Juan Pablo Viteri MorejonMediaEcuadorian Independent Music: Resistance, Mestizaje and Globalisation in 21st Century Latin America
Federica MirraArt & DesignUrban Imaginaries: Contemporary art and urban transformations in China since 2001
Gabriela CsulichEnglishIm(Politeness) and Power in the Early Modern English Courtroom (1560 to 1639)
Andrew BainConservatoireEmpathic Interaction: A Study of Jazz Ensemble Performance
Helen HopkinsEnglish‘Gifts of the World’?: Creating and Contextualising the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust’s International Collection


Student NameDisciplineThesis Title
Sally BaileyArt & DesignLocating a Space of Exchange: re-imagining the liminal in contemporary painting practice
Samia La VirgneConservatoireLust and Disgust: Reimagining Injurious Representations and Experiences of Black Actresses in the U.K. and U.S
Edward McKeonMediaMaking Art Public: Musicality & The Curatorial
Maya JaberArt & DesignIntegral Design Thinking: A Novel Cross-national Framework for Sustainability Management
John O'GallagherConservatoireAnalysing Pitch Structure in Late-Period Recordings of John Coltrane: Interstellar Space and Stellar Regions
Daniel TongConservatoireReinterpreting Beethoven: Contemporary Compositional and Performance Responses to the Violin Sonatas (1798-1812)
Kirsten SheldrakeConservatoireAmerican and British Flute Schools: Technique, Pedagogy and Performance in the 20th and 21st Centuries
Julia SzivakMediaA Study of the Transnational Journeys of British Asian Music and Musicians in the 21st Century
Vishual ChauhanMediaMargins, Memoirs, and Movies: De-coding Dalit Representation in Popular Hindi Cinema (1930s-2010s)
Rosemary WhitcombeEnglishJohn Keats and the Literary Letter
Emmanual DuhMediaMedia Pluralism in Political Transitions in sub-Saharan Africa: A Case Study of English language newspapers in Cameroon
Soha AlzaidArt & DesignThe Visual Absence in the History of the Ka’ba and the Kiswa: A Response through Printmaking
Martin PerkinsConservatoireMusic in Country Houses of the English Midlands, 1750-1810
Nuo LinArt & DesignArt Museums in China's Urban Regeneration
Simon BrownConservatoireBritten’s performances of Mozart: practice and interpretation


Student NameDisciplineThesis Title
Jack RavenhillMediaTelevision news media representations of contemporary industrial disputes in public and former public industries
Charlie SarsonMediaMasc4Masc: Masculinity, Gay Men and the Cultures of Online Cruising
Ruth BarskyArt & DesignThe Making of The Israel Museum, Jerusalem: Symbol of an Emergent Nation-State
Rawan Sharaf KhatibArt & DesignThe Institutionalisation of the Palestinian Contemporary Art Field: Negotiating the Politics of NGOisation, Privatisation and Colonialism
Huichao FengArt & DesignCultural-Architectural Assets: a new framework to study changes and continuity of dwellings of Mosuo tribe in transitions
Colette JeffreyArt & DesignWhy people get lost in buildings: The influence of architecture, information and navigator cognition on indoor wayfinding and waylosing
Helen RobertsConservatoireWind Instruments in Provincial English Cathedrals, c.1580–c.1680: Towards a Performance Practice
Joe ScarffeConservatoireConceptualising Musical Graphic Performance: An Investigative Journey of Self-Reflective Artistic Practice and Autoethnography
Lara FurnissArt & DesignBeyond Discipline: Positioning Design Practice and Education for the Twenty-First Century
Connor WintertonMediaRepresentations of Gay, Lesbian and Queer Sex in Contemporary French and North American Cinema
Corey MwambaConservatoireHow the Vibraphone can be a Mouth: Personal Sound on the Vibraphone in Jazz and Improvised Music Performance
Sian HindleArt & DesignSubjective Embodiment: Jewellery at the boundary of the self
Susannah SelfConservatoireQuilt Song: Quilting as a model of new operatic compositional practice
Bobbie-Jane GardnerConservatoireCollaborative Composition in a Hyperlocal Environment
Balandino Di DonatoConservatoireDesigning embodied human-computer interactions in music performance
Paul TaylorConservatoireAbstraction of American Landscapes as Catalysts for Composition
Johan ErikssonConservatoireAutomatonism: towards dynamic macro-structure in generative music for modular synthesisers
Geraldine MarshallArt & DesignGraphic DNA: towards a taxonomy of environmental lettering
Emily BettisonMediaThe creation of creativity in radio: How does radio as an industry define, practice and negotiate creativity?
Angela EnglishMediaOn the periphery: archive film, public history and memory in places and spaces on the borders of London
Niccolo GranieriConservatoireAugmenting the experience of playing the piano: controlling audio processing through ancillary gestures
Selina SchmidtEnglishRapport management in online spoken interaction: A cross-cultural linguistic analysis of communicative strategies


Student NameDisciplineThesis Title
Ronny KrippnerConservatoireOrgan Improvisation in the Anglican Cathedral Tradition: A Portfolio of Professional Practice with Critical and Contextual Commentary
Riaan VoslooConservatoireThe certainty of chance and a new noise: A pan-idiomatic approach that explores the boundaries of composition, improvisation and creative technology
Daniel GalbreathConservatoireConceptualising Choral Play: The Creative Experience of Aleatory Choral Music
Andrew TooveyConservatoireViscerality in Music: Directness as a form of Communication
Khulod AlbugamiArt & DesignAl-Sadu as a Way of Understanding the Sociospatial Practices of Contemporary Art by Saudi Women
Yi LiuArt & DesignAn experimental and critical study of strategies for the enhancement of creativity and academic achievement amongst Chinese postgraduate students studying contemporary jewellery in the UK Higher Education System
Sam CleeveMediaLive From Nowhere: Virtual Reality, Musical Performance, and the Simulation of Audience Experience
Giulia GalassoConservatoireThe Mass Collection Octo Missae (1663) by Francesco Foggia (1603-1688): An Analytical Study and Critical Edition
John GraysonArt & DesignSouth Staffordshire Enamels: The Lost Craftsmanship of Eighteenth-Century Copper Substrate
Guy OsherovArt & DesignThe Poetic Mechanics of Erasure: Practicing the Minor Politics of Sound Recording
Maya VerlaakConservatoireHexenhaus - a scrutinising compositional position
Joseph WrightConservatoireThe Design of Exploratory Sonic-Play Instruments With Non-Verbal Young People on the Autistic Spectrum
Tamadher AlfahalArt & DesignCurating & Creating A Practical Approach for Contemporary Islamic Design Pedagogy and Practice
Siobhan StevensonMediaDiscourses of Community Radio; Social Gain Policies in Practice
Richard StentonConservatoirePublishing as a Musical Practice
Tamara PeetersEnglishPower and Language in the Wars of the Roses


Student NameDisciplineThesis Title
Andy IngamellsConservatoireGrandchildren of Experimental Music - Performing the compositional act by creating intriguing situations in which musical sound may occur
Paul NormanConservatoireUnprotected Practice: Including Process as Compositional Material
Paul Leonard NevinsConservatoireTrumpet in Transition: A History of the Trumpet and its Players in the United Kingdom through the Music and Relationships of Sir Edward Elgar
Alberto CondottaArt & DesignDiffracting Painting: 'Mattering' as Reconfiguration of its Making, Understanding and Encountering
Tatiana PapageorgiouConservatoireThe Piano Music of Mikis Theodorakis: A Cornerstone of the Period 1940-1960
Ezinne IgweMediaFormalizing Nollywood: Gentrification in the Contemporary Nigerian Film Industry
Muhammad Sayyid Bin ShafieeConservatoireThe Sound of Gaudi: Method of Interpreting Antoni Gaudi’s Building Design into the Domain of Musical Composition
Karen PatelMediaThe Politics of Expertise in Cultural Labour
Craig HamiltonMediaThe Harkive Project: popular music, data and digital technologies
Jerome TurnerMediaHyperlocal Community Media Audiences: An ethnographic study of local social media spaces and their place in everydat life
Sheridan HornArt & DesignLiving with Loss: An Enquiry into the Expression of Grief and Mourning in Contemporary Art Practice
Jakub CeglarzArt & DesignMaterializing Palimpsest: interrogation into palimpsestuousness as a queer enactment in artistic research
Michael FletcherConservatoirePicasso(s): History, originality and performing the creative process
Peipei YuArt & DesignSeeking cultural originality - a critical study on contemporary product design in China
Ahmad Saleh AlmontasheriArt & DesignThe Transformation of Calligraphy from Spirituality to Materialism in Contemporary Saudi Arabian Mosques
Sijing ChenArt & DesignThe Transformation of Guai Imagery in China (1949-78)
Patrick GiguereConservatoireAn exploration of the duende in the composition of musical works
Gregory Paul DunnArt & DesignTouching Topography: Negotiating Landscape Encounters with 'Several Parts' of the Wye Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
Andrea GranitzioConservatoireStone and water in sound: A composition portfolio informed by the natural growth processes of stalactites and stalagmites
Regina SeiwaldEnglishTowards a New Theory of Metafiction: Literary Self-Reflexiveness in Contemporary British Fiction.
Stuart MugridgeArt & Design-becoming-#langscape-[fold here] intra-rupting landscape, language and the creative act
Sarah Elizabeth RaineMedia'A Little Togetherness': Making claims, negotiating boundaries, and forging meaning as a young member of the British northern soul scene
Graham WaterhouseConservatoireThe balance of traditional and progressive musical parameters through the concertante treatment of the piano
Samuel ColeyConservatoireMusic Documentary Production Practices for Commercial Radio
Ting ZhaoArt & DesignContemporary Fashion Illustration in China and its Application in the Chinese Fashion Market with Special Reference to Chinese Elements


Student NameDisciplineThesis Title
Hans KollerConservatoireTwelve Reinventions for George Russell: The Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization as a Transformative Tool in Contemporary Composition
Camille ChinneckArt & DesignIdea Management: Enhancing External Innovation Capabilities within Front-End Activities
Samantha Hughes-JohnsonArt & DesignThe Fresco Decoration of the Oratorio dei Buonomini di San Martino: piety and charity in late fifteenth-century Florence
Rene MogensenConservatoireTypology of relations between acoustic instruments and electronics in concert muisic: an analysis -and composition-based approach
Mattia PaganelliArt & DesignFinitude, Possibilities, Dimensionality: Aesthetic after Complexity
Rebecca StruthersArt & DesignUnravelling the myth of the 'Dutch forgery': The production, trade and dissemination of grey market watches in Europe, 1750 - 1820
Marta Perez GarciaArt & DesignDesign driven Innovation: Enhancing Idea Quality in Front End Idea Generation Practices in Large Multinational Companies (MNCs)
Mohammad AliArt & DesignThe influence of the physical environment on learning behaviour: a case study of intermediate schools in Kuwait
Zhixia YangEnglishA Corpus-based Study of Rhetorical Questions in Monologic Genres in the Framework of Relevance Theory
Yanyan WangArt & DesignCreating a New Urban Life: A Critical Study of the Educational Significance of the Shanghai Biennale
Darquise BilodeauConservatoireGabriel Fauré and I'organisation du mouvement: Poetic prosody and rhythmic continuity in the songs (1861-1921)
Sharon WatsonArt & DesignExploring nature in urban wildspaces with young filmmakers
Rachel-Ann Charles-HattMediaThe effectiveness of the Shoot to Live community initiative in addressing the needs of the at-risk youth in Trinidad and Tobago
Edmund HuntConservatoire'The Difference Between Us': Using Early Medieval Northern European Texts in the Creation of A Work for Instrumental Ensemble, Voices and Electronics
Noha Ali Atef Yusuf HefnyMediaThe Interaction between Citizen Media and the Mainstream Media: Media Organisation in Egypt during 2011, 2012 and 2013
Simon CummingsConservatoireCloud Triptych: an exploration of stochastic movement between discrete musical behaviours
James HorrocksEnglishMature Poets Steal: a novel, Notes to Self, and an extended essay on that work
Grace Alexandra WilliamsArt & DesignThe Supernatural Sex: Women, Magick and Mediumship, Assembling a Field of Fascination in Contemporary Art
Rachel MarsdenArt & DesignThe Transcultural Curator: Translating Networked Curatorial Practices in the Chinese Context since 1980
Anastasia NikologianniArt & DesignThe role of low carbon, spatial quality and drawings in landscape-based regional strategies


Student NameDisciplineThesis Title
Joanna Szalewska PineauConservatoirePerforming Szymanowski: A pianist's perspective
Alex AlbansArt & DesignSite Seeing: Interpreting Site in Landscape Architecture
James DooleyConservatoireSounding the environment: research through composition exploring the interplay of space and place in musical and installation works
Andrew KehoeEnglishHarnessing the web as a source of data for linguistic analysis
Adam WhittakerConservatoireMusical Exemplarity in the Notational Treatises of Johannes Tinctoris (c.1435-1511)
Tychonas MichailidisConservatoireOn the hunt for feedback: Vibrotactile feedback in interactive electronic music performances
Christian GoursaudConservatoireThe Neapolitan Presentation Manuscripts of Tinctoris’s Music Theory: Valencia 835 and Bologna 2573
Jacob TsadoMediaReporting Violence or Mediating Peace? The Nigerian Press and the Dilemma of Peace Building in a Democracy
Stuart StevensConservatoireNew Tonal: musical composition exploiting and developing the alternative functional harmony of the Bohlen-Pierce scale.
Fang FangConservatoireEchoes of Chinese Folksong: Degrees of Integration and Separation in the Use of Pre-existing Regional Chinese Folksong and Composed Material
Faye DaviesMediaWhat promotional and textual discourses are constructed over the production lifecycle of ‘The L Word’ and how do audiences respond to producer decisions within such discursive constructions?


Student NameDisciplineThesis Title
Haiyan MenEnglishVocabulary Increase and Collocation Learning: A corpus-based cross-sectional study of Chinese EFL learners
Bushra ZalloomArt & DesignThe Social Sustainability of Urban Landscape - Case Study of Abdali regeneration (the new downtown of Amman)
David BaltuchConservatoireOrchestral Conducting Since 1950: A Comparative Analysis of Conducting Manuals, Practitioners’ Testimonies and Two Orchestral Performances
Tim PerkinsConservatoireMetta Vee: A Stylistic Journey Through a Landscape of String
Lorenzo BerettaArt & DesignAn Accessory Becomes Protagonist: The New Materiality of Sound in Spatial Design
Tao MaEnglishThe Structural Basis of Figurative Compound Interpretation
Laura CoucillArt & DesignTensions between theory and practice in sustainable architectural design
Claudio Forcada-DelgadoConservatoireGood Practice in Violin Pedagogy: Psychological Aspects Related to the Acquisition of Motor Skills
Quimei YuArt & DesignInequality in Chinese Higher Education And Its Relation to Students' Internal Mobility: A case study of internal movement of art and design university students
Joanna LeeConservatoireDramatic vocal composition combining lyrics singing with extended vocal techniques
Susan CannonConservatoireAnubis – Triptych of Orchestral Works
Roger GillArt & DesignPinturicchio's Frescoes in the Sala dei Santi in the Vatican Palace: Authorship and a new iconological interpretation of the 'Egyptian' theme
Sandra Da CostaArt & DesignThe Choreography of Landscape Experience. Person-Place Interactions in Selected Environments
Sara HubrichConservatoireThe Creative Embodiment of Music - Practice-Based Investigations into Staged and Embodied Interpretations of Instrumental Music in Volumes l and II
Jian (Laura) LengArt & DesignGatekeeping the arts: National Policy, student perception and the art and design entrance examination in China
Leslie JohnsonMediaCultural entrepreneurship and reggae culture: a practice-based exploration of black heritage through interactive visual media and design


Student NameDisciplineThesis Title
Christos NoulisConservatoireSomatic Education and Piano Performance
Andrew ThomasConservatoireJourneys to Recover the Future
Amy BourbonArt & DesignTowards a New Way of Thinking in Painting through the Application of Analogous Notions of Listening and Analysis in Acousmatic Music
Jennifer GadsbyArt & DesignScenogrpahy in Museum Design: an examination of its cultural use, and its impact on visitors' value of experience
Jacqueline TaylorArt & DesignWriting//painting: l’écriture feminine and differences in the making
Sebastiano DessannayConservatoire‘The Cry of the Double Bass’: a chamber opera
Selina-Jayne TophamArt & DesignSoft Glass - The Aesthetic Qualities of Kiln Formed Glass with Recycled Inclusions
Lisa MetherellArt & DesignGlittering Orientations: Towards a Non-Figurative Queer Art Practice
Amy Twigger HolroydArt & DesignFolk Fashion: Amateur re-knitting as a strategy for sustainability
Gabrielle KaufmanConservatoireGaspar Cassadó: A Study of Catalan Cello Arrangements and Cello Performance Style

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