Our PGR Studio Research(er) Residencies enable Arts, Design & Media (ADM) doctoral researchers to work closely with us to lead on a focused project. This might be a particular activity, event or initiative but should all have the purpose of enhancing the the ADM doctoral community, environment, and experience.

The residencies are similar in their ethos to a micro-placement in that you will be able to obtain professional experience but also have a wider focus on knowledge exchange: you gain knowledge and experience from working with us in both research and doctoral teaching and learning contexts and the doctoral community is enhanced by your unique skills, insights, and expertise!

The residencies are flexible to fit in with your PhD and other commitments. We are keen that they complement rather than hinder your research(er) experience and that you take ownership about the design, duration and focus of the residencies. You will also receive mentoring from a member of The PGR Studio team as well as demonstrable academic experience to go on your CV.

In 2022, successful residencies were awarded to Harrison Charles and Yazmin Boyle who led the 2022 Inside//Out festival. More information about their residencies and experiences coming soon!

Application information

There is a rolling deadline for applications, although we will post specific callouts at various times in the year for particular events such as the Inside//Out festival and annual conference.

Download an application form here.

If you would like access to funding to run a one-off specific event then you can do so through the Researcher Development Awards. More information and examples of previous funding awards can be found on The PGR Studio website here.

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