The PGR Studio Researcher Development Fund enables Arts, Design & Media PhD students to apply for funding to organise and facilitate development initiatives. These initiatives could take the form of workshops, events, training or social activities. They should clearly benefit PhD students across ADM or within smaller research areas, enhance the ADM PhD environment and community.

Applicants to the fund will need to provide a breakdown of the anticipated costs for their initiative; these costs must be reasonable, complete, clearly itemised and precise, as further funds are unlikely to be available beyond any agreed allocation.  To help you develop accurate costs for your initiative, it is recommended that you attend the Proposal Development Workshop where you will receive information to help you develop the costing for your proposal.  All applications received will be assessed by a peer review process that mirrors the procedures used when allocating research funding to research-active staff at ADM.

We particularly welcome applications that:

  • are developed collaboratively between PhD students in different ADM schools;
  • bring together PhD students across disciplines within ADM;
  • enhance the profile and visibility of the ADM PhD community;
  • are innovative, engaging and interactive.

If your application is successful, you will be required to write a blog post for The PGR Studio website to share your initiative with the ADM research community and reflect on its impact.


Important dates …

01/12/2017 – New round of applications released

06/12/2017 – Develop your proposal! Applying to the RDF | a workshop

22/01/2018 – Deadline for applications

05/02/2018 – Applicants informed of outcome


  PGR Studio Researcher Development Fund application form


In our pilot phase in the 2016-17 academic year, we funded two successful Researcher development Awards …

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