Research(er) Dialogues: Paradoxes and possibilities in Arts & Humanities research took place on 6th April 2019. It sought to open up sites of exchange to expose and critique the diversity, complexity and richness of Arts & Humanities research through dialogue.

Researchers in all shapes and sizes were invited to place themselves in dialogue with their research and explore the dialogues that might be at play in their research, including their tensions, paradoxes and possibilities.

After the application of 1 x very large vinyl lettering, finalisation of 1 x even larger research installation and preparation of 80 x bundles to gift to  participants later, we were (just about) conference-ready as the day finally arrived. Kicking off with our co-organisers Paul Norman and Julia Szivak in dialogue with one another, we hosted 17 brilliant contributions spanning workshops, iterative happenings, participatory drawing research, presentations and everything in-between.

The day centred around the themes of mess, rhythm, incongruence, process and iteration in research practice as they intersected with the paradoxes and possibilities underpinning arts research. Not only was the notion of dialogue in play in the contributions themselves, but the themes were in dialogue with one another as was evident in the space itself and the day was enriched by multiple dialogues between participants.

We concluded our conferencing at Parkside with Jacqueline Taylor’s performative plenary devised through live dialogues on the day (including lots of mess + one random feather). More dialogues ensued on our guided urban walk with Greg Dunn who took us to final performances coinciding with the PhD TAKEOVER at the School of Art.

Download the original call for proposals here.

Download the conference programme here.

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