July 8th | The Parkside Building

Our second annual conference Research Matter(s): conversations about Research in Arts, Design & Media brought together researchers, practitioners and everyone in-between from across a number of Universities and arts organisations in the UK.

We had an exciting programme of workshops, happenings and stuff enunciating, questioning and bringing to the fore the core ideas, practices, embodied knowledge(s) and matter that matters specific to one’s research to prompt conversations about research matters in Arts, Design and Media.

Research Matter(s) aimed to offer a forum to playfully and critically communicate / articulate / present / re-present research through/as matter in ways that rethink the traditional paper format: from coffee percolating on the terrace, a re-staging of the tableu vivant and a live art residency to a séance, a performance-presentation literally running out of breath and the collaborative act of dismantling a research poster.

The circularity and iterative nature of the programme enabled a performative and reflexive space in which these conversations were always taking place and research matter had a place to be itself.   A huge thank you to everybody involved for a thought-provoking and fun day!

Download the full programme here.

Download the conference booklet here.

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