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Rosie Wilkes


Songs through motherhood: A practice-based investigation exploring the impact of motherhood on songwriting practices in terms of creativity, identity and the stories told through songs

As a singer-songwriter with experience of new motherhood, my research will address women’s experiences of motherhood through songwriting and interviews with mother-songwriters exploring their practices and experiences.

Matrescence is a developmental life passage, which produces: ‘…dramatic changes in the new mother’s physical being, in her emotional life, in her status within the group, even in her own female identity’ (Raphael, 1973).

I argue that songwriting can be used as a tool to facilitate the re-imagining of a mother and as a way to explore all aspects of motherhood, therefore, fostering a more positive transition through matrescence.



Music Video: I Didn’t Think

Album: Can’t Seem to Move On


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