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Rebecca Court


Artist as Political Pupeteer, Viewer as performer or passive participant, Artwork as Social Puppet?

The goals of power and the goals of knowledge cannot be separated. In knowing we control and in controlling we know. ~ Foucault

In the context of a recogised exhibition space, can we, as artists, set up the conditions that enforce a moment of exchange between the Artwork, the Viewer and a Socio-Political subject? Can we use the systems and mechanisms we are challenging as a formula for doing so?

My PhD is takes the form of a pracitce and theory led investigation into the systems and mechanisms used to acquire and establish power structures in UK politics and the effectiveness of their application as a tool for the artists in contemporary practice. Exploring the potential of the artwork and exhibiton space to act as a stage; an arena for the potential of exchange (acknowledged or unacknoeledged) with the viewer in revelaing, testing or challenging such structures as methods for politically engaged artistic practice.



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