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Rachitra Gunatilake


Adapting the Built Environment: The Role of Youth in Shaping Vulnerability and Resilience in Urban Cities

Poor built environments coupled with climate change has increased vulnerability and non-resilience; a key issue in urban poverty despite we have a right to shape the place around us to live healthily and happily both physically and mentally.

The research is to find out how successful urban cities can be if ‘young adults are given the opportunity to have more control over their lives in creating infrastructure through education and psychology to gain greater benefit for health and wellbeing and to co create sustainable, resilient communities’.  Participatory architecture approach to enable communities be co-creators in designing their own infrastructure and positive built environments, move from welfare politics by being self-sufficient and self-employed and creating community eco systems with young adults capable of wanting continuous learning and transformation to address change in the regeneration and their built environment will be looked at in detail.




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