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Maisie Beth James


Enhancing human functioning and body-mind integration through Bio-Somatic Dance Movement Naturotherapy: A practice-led, qualitative inquiry

Much of the research taking place within the somatic field is post-positivist in its orientation, meaning researchers apply self-reflexive methods positioning objectivity (truth) as partial and limited (Williamson and Sellers-Young, 2020). In authentic somatic movement research, a balance between objectivity and subjectivity therefore is central to the research process as somatic research relies heavily on documenting the qualitative and lived (felt) experience of participants involved in the creative process (Hayes, 2014, 2014; Williamson, 2014, 2020). As a researcher following this methodological stance, my own research will adopt the post-positivist framework and document how Bio-Somatic Dance Movement Naturotherapy supports people who are living with pain.




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