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Aidan Teplitzky


Class and Classical Music: Exploring Class Identity Through Classical Music Forms

I come from a working-class background where classical music was not present during my upbringing. Now as I compose I am confronted by the context of classical music which I constantly examine and measure against my own outputs. This juxtaposition of contexts connecting with both my identity and my practice positions me as an outsider in the field. In this practice-based research project, I will examine how I can relate my own working-class background and doucmented sociological concerns of working-class identity to my creative practice. I will create a folio of new interdisciplinary works that are focussed on expressing working-class identity through recontextualising Western classical musical forms. I will re-evaluate the ideologies and formats of classical music through an interdisciplinary approach combining the visual, the theatrical and the performative to relate my own feelings of exclusion from classical music caused by my class identity to provide an example of working class identity within classical music.





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