MOB: Mobilising Opportunity by Drawing


What happens if a bunch of PhD researchers across Arts, Design and Media disciplines are asked to draw like with no restraint, akin to how a child would do?

They would probably laugh and refuse.

However, what if the request is framed as a challenge to produce drawings that don’t mind limitations in their form (where the drawing doesn’t need to negotiate its size with a pre-given support, but it is the support that needs to keep up with the drawing), perspective (where one doesn’t need to stick to a single perspective as in a photograph) and subject (where drawing can be considered as a form of thinking where free association is most welcome)?

They spend two hours being too busy to chat because they’re having fun with rhyzomatic drawings! An alternative pedagogic experiences that enhances one’s practice and PhD.


MOB Drawing 3 20160322_192834 2





A series of alternative nomadic research events by ADM PhD students. Create. Collaborate. Learn. Find out more here.


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