Welcome to The PGR StudioWe see the PhD journey as something that doesn’t just focus on the thesis, but an experiential and transformative process; a journey that meanders as much as we navigate life’s path itself. Whilst this journey is highly individual (and yes, at times tough), our philosophy is to enable a rich, diverse and inclusive community of research practice across Schools in the Faculty of Arts, Design & Media. One that is experimental, creative and fun, and resonates with the studio as a generative space and place, regardless of discipline.

So far, we’ve run workshops from Viva Survival to Thinking About Doing a PhD? Spoken word poet Evoke has run a workshop on communicating complex research ideas through narratives and storytelling in Tale Your Idea. Our PGR team members are in the midst of organising our first annual Arts, Design & Media PGR conference How to Play Knowledge, which is followed by BOOOM Making Research Memorable; a Midland 3 Cities funded conference including the likes of Turner Prize winning artist Martin Creed. And that’s not to mention working with The Brilliant Club and the launch of the second year of our Research Mentoring scheme.

Phew! We’ve definitely been busy, but we’re also really looking forward to seeing what the future holds and are working hard to develop the next full year of events, workshops, talks and more. We’re keen to work across disciplines, as well as pushing the boundaries of conventional models of Doctoral research training and Researcher Development. Perhaps most importantly, The PGR Studio is run by a staff-student team; we’re not just academics
training academics, but practitioners and researchers at different stages, offering a multi-faceted and holistic perspective to research provision. 

Join us on our journey as we help you on yours!


Got a workshop idea, fancy being a guest blog editor or simply want to get in touch to find out more? Email us at admpgr-studio@bcu.ac.uk or Tweet us @PgrStudio.

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