Hi Anastasia, congratulations on passing your viva! How does it feel?!


What was your PhD title?

The role of low carbon, spatial quality and drawings in landscape-based regional strategies.

Can you explain in a couple of sentences what your PhD was about?

My PhD has examined the processes and best practices of how we can design in a sustainable way and embed the concepts of low carbon and quality of space from design to implementation. Especially for large scale strategic projects it explored the impact that drawings have on decision making and the influence of policy and legislation on the integration of such ideas.

Can you sum up your PhD experience in three words?

Unique, Eye-opening, Intense

What was the viva like?

It was good. Many questions and a long process of justifying myself and my judgements/decisions during the PhD. However, also an opportunity to present my field, let the examiners know about my knowledge and why this is interesting. Overall a good outcome, so positive experience.

What are your top tips to someone preparing for their viva?

Be calm. You know your topic. It’s your time to shine.

Check all those mock questions. Refresh the main authors/literature used. Make sure you know your methodology and Why you have followed this one. Key findings, Impact and Contribution to knowledge will be asked for sure!

Treat the mock viva as a real one, try to reply to the questions and write down the areas you were not sure. Go back and check these answers.
Treat any question you might have not come across as a real-time question, use your skills and answer the best way you can.

Any advice you’d tell your earlier PhD self now you’ve made it to the other side?

No reason to stress for things that are out of your hands. Better to find alternative ways of working it out.

What are you up to now and any exciting plans for the future?

Loads of new and exciting plans. I have a Post doc role in BCU and I am a member of the CATiD BCU Research Centre working on project around resilient cities and regions.

My research work has been recognised by the Landscape Institute (professional body of the landscape architects) and therefore I was invited to publish a technical guide on carbon management for professionals and practices. At the moment I am working with the LI and the TCPA on the new Climate change guide for local authorities in England that will be launched on a parliamentary event in May.

I have also been nominated and accepted the role as the Chair of the Emerging Professionals Advocate IFLA, an international working group aiming to support young professionals and create strong links with business and academia on an international level.

Please add anything else if you’d like

Thanks so much for your time Anastasia, we wish you all the best for the future!

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