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Gwydion Calder


When Having A Sweet Voice Is A Bad Thing: An Exploration of Diabetes and Other Invisible Illnesses and Their Impact on the Actor

A performance career is one to which many aspire but find themselves at a disadvantage, be it due to familial resources, geography, finances, or medical wellness.


The value of self-care as it pertains to mental health, nutrition, and overall wellbeing has seen a marked rise in recent years, but due to the volatile nature of the acting industry there are still many dangerous pitfalls into which practitioners may slip.


Among these is the neglect of self-care for the sake of securing a job or avoiding the risk of being viewed as unreliable or unsuitable for work. This is especially true of those with chronic conditions which may not show visible signs, such as diabetes, depression, anaemia, among many others.


This project aims to explore the livelihood and creative options for actors having to manage difficult and often misunderstood or overlooked maladies whilst navigating a precarious career choice.



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