PGR Bloggers Wanted!
I am looking for a 3 – 5 PGR students interested in contributing to a new blog about Birmingham Centre for Media and Cultural Research’s Cultural Translation theme (details post-scripted below). I am after people to write short (200 – 500 word) pieces on a range of topics linked to the theme, potentially on a regular basis. This includes heading to our Research Seminars on a Wednesday and giving a short summary of what the speaker discussed, perhaps with your slant on things. But you can write about other topics linked to the theme too.

What’s in it for you?

Firstly, you get some direct experience of communicating research to a general audience in easy-to-grasp terms. This is a great skill to practice; it goes without saying that boiling complex arguments down to a few key points can really help with thinking about your research and with viva prep.

You also get to build your research profile a bit and link it to the Centre’s research theme. This can help with networking and getting your name/face out there. It also counts as demonstrable evidence of your participation in the wider research environment (useful for interviews!).

And finally… there’s a prize! Best blog post of the year gets £30 of Amazon Vouchers.

To get in touch, drop me an email on

P.S. This theme invites us to explore how we understand processes of individual and collective identification, cultural hybridity, border crossing, and cross-cultural movements. It would consider how theories and practices of cultural translation relate to the new forms of social and political community emerging globally, changing modes of knowledge and power within national and transnational societies, the worldwide crisis of democratic institutions and values, and the effects of digital media on people’s distinct cultural traditions.

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