As an academic researcher, you’re probably comfortable with the idea of communicating your research at a conference or in a journal paper. But what about reaching a wider audience, can you pick out popular interest stories from your research, and does the prospect of being interviewed by a newspaper journalist (or on TV) make you break out in a cold sweat?
PGR Studio is currently planning a series of media insight training events designed to help early-career academics identify media opportunities and make the most of them by having confidence when dealing with the press.
Offering a media training introduction, the upcoming sessions will cover topics including:
– Identifying news stories from your research
– How to build relationships with journalists
– Practice press interviews about your research
– Communicating academic research without jargon
– How to avoid getting mis-quoted
The training events will be run as one-on-one sessions, or in small groups, and will take place in early-June (exact dates to be confirmed). If you would be interested in taking part, or just want a bit more info about the sessions, please feel free to contact Simon on
Currently completing the Media and Cultural Studies MA at BCU, Simon is a former journalist with over 15-years of experience writing for national UK newspapers including The Times, Guardian and Daily Mail as well as online publications such as the Huffington Post. He has interviewed countless academics and knows the mistakes they most commonly make, and how to avoid them.

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