Hello! I work with Bobbie and Jacqueline in the PGR Studio; and also as a research assistant in Arts, Design, and Media.

I completed my Ph.D. in December 2019; it was a practice-based portfolio looking at the vibraphone, practice philosophy, and inter/intra-subjective experience in jazz and improvised music. My doctorate is very closely aligned with my life as a musician. I have played in various groups of my own or other people’s for the last 27 years, specialising in improvising. Here’s a video:

I’m also a radio presenter at the moment; I host a weekly show on BBC Radio 3 called “Freeness”, and I get to listen to (and talk about) a huge range of improvised music! I have a much longer biography on my site, which you can read here.

One of the things I am keen to encourage through the PGR Studio is a real sense of open community between our PGRs — I feel our work is very much about all different modes of conversation and “communion” (like the conference, or drink//discuss), and using those modes to develop and support each other. I look forward to meeting those I haven’t met already!

Photo credit: Agata Urbaniak

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