Documentation of our last research festival, as a montage. We hope it gives a real sense of the festival, and sparks ideas for what we could do for our next conference in July! Here’s a video from Dr Susie Self…

And here is the classic poem from Dr Nicolas Pillai!

Inside Out and Outside In

Curzon A or Curzon B?

585 or 423?

Susie gave us Post-Its, green and pink

Next year I’m going to New Orleans I think…

Colette started us off with the end of the road

Inspiring advice to lighten the load.

Then Jill laid down a freaky beat

Positioning herself in youthful feet.

Andrew’s shared slides were a wonderful gift

That octopus metaphor – a paradigm shift!

Yinglong’s craft left us wanting more

Melting our brains with plique-a-jour.

Vincent showed us state regulation

Proposing instead digital education.

Sam VTubed with great animation

Exiting the room without conversation.

Jennifer teased out her research thread

Now I want noodles before I go to bed!

Liminal edges, mess is the game,

Sally or Pecha, what was her name?

Sulayman speaking for freedom of the press

Bravely resisting state duress.

Iain and Johnnie showed us how they think

Hands and thoughts represented in ink.

Nona gave transmisogyny the fiercest shove,

Humanity is a right, a reason to love.

Simon stretched into his yogic thought,

Questioning even which mat he bought.

Susie ended us on a big high note

Having fun with the song what she wrote.

Bound together in shared endeavour

Cherry’s poster: research forever!

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