Latest Past Events

Demystifying the Progression Assessment Panel

Microsoft Teams

It's that time of year again, with first-year doctoral students' Progression Assessment Panels on the horizon and questions beginning to form:  what needs to be prepared? How long is it? Is it the same for everyone? Does it impact on the success or failure for the PhD? This informal, online workshop will explore all this […]

Get S*** Done Day

C459 Curzon Building

The latest incarnation of a PGR-led initiative - Get S*** Done Day - to which any ADM PGRs are invited.  An opportunity to work together, provide peer support and community.  Takes place in Curzon, and will be preceded by Coffee and Chat if you'd like to join us there, too.

Coffee and Chat

Coffee Pod (third floor of Curzon building)

If you are coming in for the Get S*** Done Day (C459, 1100-1500) - or even if you aren't - then why not join us for a cup of coffee and a catch up with other PGRs?  It will be lovely to see you and to hear about how your projects are progressing.

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