Research in Arts, Design and Media is highly diverse, often redefining parameters and pushing boundaries. Whether dealing with more established approaches, theoretical ideas or explicitly experimenting with new methods it inevitably involves a degree of mess.

Beyond Borders? is a one-day colloquium that traverses disciplinary boundaries to explore the spaces, places and territories that exist above and below, amidst and with/out borders. It seeks to make visible and engage with the pathways, roots and routes that enable us to immerse in Arts, Design and Media research.

We invite workshops, happenings and presentations that redefine the parameters of the traditional paper format, reflecting your research, methodologies, ways of articulation and everything in between …

Are some of these approaches and pathways favoured more than others? Do institutional or other boundaries affect/effect your research? Can questioning the familiar elicit the unfamiliar? Does defining our research confine your research? How can addressing these sorts of questions provide possibilities for the Arts, Design, Media and Humanities more broadly?

Please submit proposals on one side of A4 comprising text and visual/other sources where appropriate that includes:

  • How your proposal resonates with the conference themes
  • The form that your proposed idea will take (i.e. workshops, happenings, presentations and beyond)
  • Any space or technical requirements


Please email your proposals to


DEADLINE: Friday 5th May 2017

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