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Melanie Woodhead


Co-creating Common Ground: How can bordering suburban and woodland areas be sympoietically reimagined with communities as transitional spaces which activate ecological awareness and generative change?

Practice-led speculative research (Truman, Springgay, 2015) will explore how bordering suburban and woodland areas can be sympoietically (Haraway, 2016) re-imagined with communities of human and non-human origin as transitional spaces, (Winnicott, 1971) activating ecological awareness and agency amongst their inhabitants. Engaging human and non-human participants in research through co-creative, intergenerational, multispecies and site-specific practices will explore how uncertainty in these meeting places (Massey, 2005) and their dis/orderly materialities (Kraftl, 2015) could be catalysts for ecological awareness and generative change.



Instagram: @melanie.woodhead



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