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Matt Grimes


“The Life We Make”: The role of cultural memory in the lives of former participants of the British anarcho-punk scene aged 45-65

I am Degree Leader and senior lecturer and researcher in Music Industries and Radio. My research interests include punk studies, ageing within youth cultures, radio for social change.

My PhD research project is centred on constructing the cultural and popular memory of British Anarcho-punk and its cultural impact through, and within, the life courses of a group of ageing fans/scene participants of  the British anarcho-punk scene from 1977-1986 . So, I aim to explore how the sub cultural movement of British anarcho-punk is constructed in the memories of those fans and what impact it has had in negotiating and shaping their life course. The theoretical frameworks for this research will focus on anarcho-punk as a (sub-) genre and sub-culture, fandom, narrative inquiry,  popular/cultural memory, popular music canons, history and historiographies.



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