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Claire-Gillian Watt


Tackling Issues of Social Status and Identity In Youth Music Engagement: A Comparative Study of Creative Scotland and Arts Council England Initiatives

This research project explores youth engagement in music and was born out of an involvement in the arts as a project manager and arts practitioner, working with arts funding and the benefits of music to young people’s lives. In particular, the research focuses on the barriers of social status and identity and how these can be tackled, establishing new ways, in which schools and arts organisations can effectively address these barriers. A key focus within the research project is a comparative study of Creative Scotland and Arts Council England Initiatives, the youth engagement projects they currently offer and how such initiatives have sought to break down barriers to engagement, and what is still yet to be tackled. The central questions which this research will focus on, emerge from a variety of strategies that the British and Scottish arts councils utilize to engage young people through music, the types of barriers that prevent young people from engaging with music, the importance of education in shaping young people’s musical experiences, and the key contexts in which young people successfully access and engage with music.




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