Experimental Approaches to Writing Research workshop | 9th June 2017 | organised by Sarah Raine and Craig Hamilton, Birmingham School of Media


It was a dark and stormy night…

(scratch that)


They came: bleary eyed yet still expectant to the #bestroomintheplace to write. To experiment. To work (they assumed, somewhat wearily).

Free lunch, free wine, new ideas on offer.

Boundaries were broken down, time sped up and slowed down, repetition occurred and deviations sprang up. Stories were told/created/cut up/cut down/saved/discarded. Written in green, in blue merging to red with purple in-between, in illegible black scrawl, in perfect print. Word sprung from the unconscious, scraped from the walls of ideas, flowed naturally, laboured and stumbled, burst forth, and trickled to an end, hands aching and throats thirsty for red, white, and juice.

And then: it was a dark and stormy night


General Organisers’ Summary*

Tick the statements you agree with:

[ ] Research is finding value and enabling others to see this

[ ] Research is surprise and improvisation

[ ] Research is experimenting with the potential for failure

[ ] Research is writing without taking your pencil off the paper

[ ] Research is making a space for discussion

[ ] Research is stepping back

[ ] Research is fuelling the (R)evolution

[ ] Research is weaving/writing/thinking

[ ] Research is a tent

[ ] Research is made, unmade, deconstructed, added, taken away

[ ] Research is an object

[ ] Research is something that helps us see

[ ] Research is telling a story

[ ] Research is crazily fast writing

[ ] Research is figuring out how to deal with the surprising and experimental

[ ] Research is pushing the boundaries

[ ] Research is an entire island unto itself


*This has been borrowed from Ed and Tom.



Download the event booklet here.

This event was funded by a PGR Studio Researcher Development Award. See here for details of other successful applications.

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