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Gregory Dunn


Corporeal Connections in Contemporary Landscapes: Negotiating Landscape Identities in the Wye Valley

My artistic practice has grown from my affinity with materials, my love of location immersion and fascination with social relationships. My creative energies are currently employed (by Birmingham City University and The Wye Valley AONB Management Team) in a full time collaborative research project to a procure deeper understanding in how humans encounter the Wye Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The location is infused with human narrative, abundant in natural beauty and as a result, has provided inspiration for artists and pleasure seekers for over two and a half centuries. Does the area still stimulate people? Are profound experiences still to be had in the location? If so, can we sustain such meaningful moments for future generations?




Cargo Collective: Dunn Roaming

Wye Valley AONB website


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