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Emmanouil Melissourgakis


Researching the case of Greek Facebook. Issues around communication, identities, friendships and privacy

Emmanouil Melissourgakis is a PhD student and Visiting Lecturer in the School of Media. He holds a BA degree in Philosophy and Psychology (University Of Crete, Greece) and a MA Degree in International Communication (University of Leeds). His research focuses in online Social Networks and especially in issues around identity, friendship and privacy online. His research aims to reveal if and to what extent online social networks have changed the public arena of communication and how this has affected the life of the everyday user.

Current research aims:

  • To identify the social and cultural links that are being promoted in the Greek online environment.
  • To investigate the notion of identity on the Greek Facebook.
  • To explore how friendship is formed on Greek Facebook.
  • To examine the extent to which privacy is an important concern for Greek users



Linkedin LinkedIn: Emmanouil Melissourgakis

Twitter @Emmanouil23


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