Completed PGRs

Details of our completed Postgraduate Researchers and their research


Student NameDisciplineThesis Title
Andrew IngamellsMusicGrandchildren of Experimental Music – performing the compositional act by creating intriguing situations in which musical sound may occur
Craig HamiltonMediaThe Harkive Project: Rethinking Music Consumption for the Digital Age
Gregory DunnArchitecture & DesignCorporeal Connections in Contemporary Landscapes: Negotiating Landscape Identities in the Wye Valley
James HorrocksEnglishAssembling Notes to Self: Constructing a Novel in Fragments
Jerome TurnerMediaUK hyperlocal media audiences: What ‘voice’ is offered to citizens in hyperlocal media, given the various power dynamics, roles and relationships inherent in such participatory platforms?
Karen PatelMediaThe social media use of creative and cultural workers
Sarah RaineMediaA Little Togetherness: Making claims, negotiating boundaries, and forging meaning as a younger member of the British northern soul scene
Paul NormanMusicUNPROTECTED PRACTICE: Including Process as Compositional Material
Michael FletcherMusic


Student NameDisciplineThesis Title
Alberto CondottaArtDiffracting Painting: ‘Mattering’ as Reconfiguration of its Making, Understanding and Encountering
Jakub CeglarzArtMaterializing Palimpsests: an interrogation of ‘palimpsestuous making’ as a queer enactment in artistic research


Student NameDisciplineThesis Title
Grace Williams
ArtThe Supernatural Sex: Women, Magick & Mediumship: Assembling a Field of Fascination in Contemporary Art

Faculty of Arts, Design & Media Birmingham City University, The Parkside Building, 5 Cardigan Street, Birmingham, B4 7BD

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