Every Summer we run a conference as an inclusive yet experimental space for our PGRs to present research in progress to peers. It also provides an opportunity for PGRs to be involved in different elements of the conference from developing the conference theme to peer review, curation to graphic design, and general organisation to session chairing.


Led by the PhD student members of The PGR Studio team, each conference is based on a theme to be interpreted by those working across the Arts and Humanities.

Check out this video fom our 2017 conference Beyond Borders? Approaches and pathways to Arts, Design & Media research:


Take a look at our previous conferences …

2017 conference

Beyond Borders? approaches and pathways in Arts, Design & Media was a one-day colloquium that sought to traverse disciplinary boundaries to explore the spaces, places and territories that exist above and below, amidst and with/out borders.

Research in Arts, Design and Media is highly diverse, often redefining parameters and pushing boundaries. Whether dealing with more established approaches, theoretical ideas or explicitly experimenting with new methods it inevitably involves a degree of mess. Beyond Borders? aimed to make visible and engage with the pathways, roots and routes that enable us to immerse in Arts, Design and Media research in ways that redefine the parameters of the traditional paper format itself, reflecting research, methodologies, ways of articulation and everything in between …

2016 conference

Research Matter(s): Conversations about Research in Arts, Design and Media provided a forum to articulate and discuss the matter that matters in research. Download the conference booklet here.

2015 conference


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