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MOB: Rhyzomatic drawing by Alberto Condotta

MOB: Mobilising Opportunity by Drawing What happens if a bunch of PhD researchers across Arts, Design and Media disciplines are asked to draw like with no restraint, akin to how a child would do? They would probably laugh and refuse. However, what if the request is...

My Brilliant Club story by Rebecca Keyte

I have currently completed a summer placement with the Brilliant Club which I found to be an exceptionally rewarding role. As part of the Brilliant Club I was making a difference to pupil’s lives in demonstrating that University was within their reach, despite their...

Matter Matters by Mattia Paganelli

Matter Matters - a Land2 Event. School of Design, University of Leeds, 12th-13th November 2015. The Land2 Research Network (Bristol, Dundee, and Leeds University) has just organized a two days symposium on the work of Karen Barad and the question of diffraction (or...

Dyslexia and Me

An anonymous blog post by a current PhD student For me, the road to a PhD has been an un-chartered one. I’m not sure any PhD research candidate has a clear path laid out before them; after all that’s the point: an unknown path to new knowledge. One begins the journey...

How did we play knowledge?? by Alberto Condotta

Along with the other PhD students on the PGR Studio team, I was tasked with developing and organising our first PGR conference. The result was How to play knowledge: an intense and intimate one-day conference, where researchers from both within and outside academia...

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