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Which days are good for you?

We have been plotting away, thinking of different events and ways of finding out what you would like to do in our research community! But we first thought we'd start a very simple question... which days are good for you? We understand that everyone's research journey...

Inside Out Festival 2020 (video and poem)

Documentation of our last research festival, as a montage. We hope it gives a real sense of the festival, and sparks ideas for what we could do for our next conference in July! Here's a video from Dr Susie Self... And here is the classic...

What is the ARCO Project?

Any eagle eyed students or staff of BCU may have noticed the new exhibition in the Curzon Building’s atrium, all about the fantastic ARCO Project... ... but, what is ARCO Project? Arco provides regular distance-learning opportunities for talented children in South...

The Saga Begins: Starting a PhD!

“What have you been upto recently?” “Oh, actually I’m doing a PhD, I’m only about a month in though…” This is a conversation I’ve been having a lot recently. When you tell the outside world that you’ve started a PhD, they tend to respond in one of two ways: “Will you...

My First Day at BCU: Culture shock and exciting encounters

My first day at BCU. It was during the welcome week and a lot of activity was going on. My first shock was seeing that the campus had only a couple of buildings. If you were like me, you’d be used to having a university campus at least the size of Digbeth with its...

Why Did I Join the Mentoring Scheme?

Why Did I Join the Mentoring Scheme?

Wanshu Li, School of Jewellery A few weeks after I formally started my PhD programme at BCU, I was introduced to the PGR Studio Mentoring Scheme. Having heard so many good things about it, I decided to give it a go. Registration was a simple process and before long I...

My Mentoring Experience – Cherry Sun

My Mentoring Experience – Cherry Sun

I am a PhD student who is major in Contemporary art China and Landscape architecture in the School of ADM. During the first year, I signed up as a mentee in the Birmingham City University through the PGR Studio. I had a wonderful encounter with my mentor in the...

The Last Ascent to Delivering Your PhD

The Last Ascent to Delivering Your PhD

The Last Ascent to Delivering Your PhD: What it Really Feels Like Susie Self   Imagine for a moment that you are at the point of submitting your PhD. Like me you will make the trip to University House. In my case, that’s this week. I will be carrying three A3...

Top Tips for New PhDs!

Top Tips for New PhDs!

By Federica Mirra (PGR Studio) Last week we welcomed the new PGRs from Arts, Design and Media with presentations and activities to get to know each other and approach the PhD journey in a fun and inclusive way. The PhD is a roller coaster, one day you feel you are on...

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