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WANTED! Cultural translation bloggers: James Hodgson

PGR Bloggers Wanted! . I am looking for a 3 - 5 PGR students interested in contributing to a new blog about Birmingham Centre for Media and Cultural Research's Cultural Translation theme (details post-scripted below). I am after people to write short (200 - 500 word)...

Finding the Groove: Ed McKeon

Finding the Groove by Ed McKeon My research is part-time. Part time, partitioned time, the relation of moments to a whole; and part time, about time – or rather timeliness. It’s also about a time of parts, a present ‘historical’ moment comprised of fragments that...

Viva 60-second interview: Dr Karen Patel

Hi Karen, congratulations on passing your viva! How does it feel?! Great! It took about a week to sink in, people calling me ‘Dr’ helped but it was a strange moment when I was told I had passed. For 3 years the viva was this big scary thing that I was dreading, but in...

A Day in the Life: Hassan Hussain

Hi, my name is Hassan Hussain and I am second-year PhD student in the School of English at Birmingham City University. My research explores the de/construction of gay men and the representation of homosexuality in 21st century British Theatre. I am a Research...

Talking Heads: Media Training Event

Talking Heads: Media Training Event 28th July 2017 Angela English (School of Media, Birmingham City University) Selina Schmidt (School of English, Birmingham City University) Emily Bettison (School of Media, Birmingham City University) The Idea Talking Heads 2017 was...

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